Thursday, March 15, 2012

My "Hair" series continues...

What You Think, What It Is
30" x 40"
I finished this latest work just in time for Fade 2 Blaq. And what a hit it has been. We had over 500 visitors at the exhibition opening night. I was so busy selling and signing books that I didn't even have a chance to mingle with folks. When I did, people really LOVED this piece. Sean insisted that the piece greet everyone when they enter the gallery space. She is one of the first images you will see when you come through the door. It makes me feel good that my art can captivate and move people as this piece has. 

I have added this to my "paintings" page on this blog along with my other "Hair" pieces in the series. I have a few more paintings I will be working on in the coming months that will incorporate human hair that has been donated to me. I also plan to paint children with their natural "big" hair (when I think they look the most beautiful). If you are interested in purchasing this piece, send me an email. I also have limited edition artist  prints and giclee prints available for purchase. 

I Am Not My Hair
30" x 40"
This is another piece that has been resonating with admirers. It has connected with just about every woman that has been in contact with it, including cancer survivors and one bald man!  

This is also available for sale along with limited edition artist prints and giclee prints.

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